Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Getting a Leg Up

It just occurred to me that I neglected to show the latest Sally Forth Easters that I found since last year.  This can be chalked up to forgetting due to the holiday suddenly showing up earlier than usual and being preoccupied with other things.  Annoying Real Life things.

First up is the widescreen version of the 1991 comic with the sideways throwaway panels.

Then I was able to fill in the hole in my collection with some more dubious example of Motherly Traditions and Family Values.

Sadly, despite all my best attempts at trying to find the missing year, 1993 remains elusive.  But at least I know which dates it Doesn't show up on: March 21st or March 28th.  April 4th is my best guess.
Just putting up Earcapitated Chocolate Easter Bunny comics would be rather sparse, so here's a little something extra to pad out the resume.  Devoted readers may remember this particular Easter where Ted was wearing a cast for the sake of continuity.  Well, now you get to see how this event played out.

Interestingly enough, when I first tried to find this arc in one Newspaper, it reran a plotline from 1985 instead.  Strangely, the very next week, it presented the broken leg arc without any setup or reason.  Just a quick recap instead.

Newspapers accidentally or purposely messing up their comic arcs is one of my major Pet Peeves I've talked about before.  To those of you curious, here's the storyline that ran beforehand.  The confusion must've been Paramount.

Broaching the subject of bruised sports ego must've been a major dealbreaker for the paper to censure themselves over.

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