Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Back when I started this, there was a poem that pointed out that August was noticeable for having no Holidays in a year full of Holidays.  Even Batman's Long Halloween had to make up an artificial birthday to stay thematically relevant.

Surprisingly enough, there are a few BC strips that deal with the concept of examining the abstract concept of absent beings.  Which would've led to its creator finding a Family-safety option of being Born Again & Finding God, since the only other alternative would've been Nihilism.

You'd think that with the subject of Nothing there wouldn't be much to say, but Seinfeld was able to use its premise to talk about it, and we're now in the age of the NothingBurger, where so much can be said about easily verified claims.

Even when very little is actually said, mountains of redundant effort is made to rationalize,
theorize and expound upon these tidbits of information, trying to make sense of a senseless universe.

The outbreak of Conspiracy Theories is a human desire to constantly search for meaning, even when the simplest answer is that there may not be one.

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