Saturday, April 8, 2017

I'd Murder for a Burger, Wouldn't You?

Before Adam@Home settled into it's regular grove of a stay-at-home dad, it was simply known as the singular name, Adam.  And like other comics just finding their groove, Adam entered an instance of Early Installment Weirdness.  What's particularly unusual about this is that it happened during its second year.

This was back before the birth of Baby Nick, which wouldn't have been possible with someone being further tethered to the house, though one later weekly story had the titular character seeking out wild times and validating his manliness through bungee-jumping.  This is NOT an exaggeration.

For it's mundane surroundings, there were some surprisingly long story arcs lasting months, including the numerous Dumpty Derby Weight-loss contests.  I plan to post these sometime later in the future once I've accumulated the many missing strips, all of them pre mid-1995, before the GoComics online archives.

In this long-forgotten arc, Adam is just sitting silently, not even bothering to do any household chores when opportunity knocks, or rather, strikes through a threatening violent advertisement.  Somehow, this spurs him on to seek employment at this Gangster-like Fast Food Franchise.  Don't question it - just go along with it.

Considering how cutthroat the Fast Food business is with any perceived competition, this representation may or may not be totally representative of the modus operandi behind the scenes.

Some of the thematic elements designed to accurately represent the historic renditions of the times seem to delve into literal overkill.

Of course, such a disturbance to the status quo can't possibly last forever, and Adam is quickly outed from his part-time job when he runs into the one person he most wanted to keep his secret vocation from, lest their relationship devolve into distrust as a result of keeping secrets from each other.

Once the couple get home, Laura gets into her grievances covering ground that wouldn't be considered a major issue for Tony Soprano:

And then - and THEN! - Adam engages into an amazing Mansplaining rant that HAS to be read to be believed.

After that height of absurdity, the denouement strips resolving the status quo are relatively tame in comparison.

When you're Hungry, and there's nothing to eat, What do you do?Just pout, sit around and stew?Go to the bar and have a few?Have a 'bout with a Kangaroo?I'd Murder for a Burger, Wouldn't You?

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