Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Homework

With the start of a new school year, we've got what amounts to the emptiest amount of content on the Mr. Bean calendar, not counting April.  There's not even an entry for Labor Day, since it was printed in Great Britain, and they don't celebrate that holiday there.
Haslemere, Surrey
George Vicat Cole, 1833-1893
Sept. 22: Autumn begins - Leaves could fall at any time (hat?)

To make up for the lack of material, here's a baffling CIDU in the form of a Ziggy.  You wouldn't think something as banal and unoffensive as Ziggy could make readers look around the strip in vain trying to understand the joke.  After all, we're not dealing with New Yorker cartoons here.
So what's going on??  Is he getting on a bus that's labeled going the opposite direction he wants to go?  Is there a Right Bus?  The only references I could find for "The Wrong Bus" were song lyrics, but they came long after the 1986 Calendar entry.  There's the parodic I'm on The Wrong Bus, which was based on The Beatles' I am the Walrus, but that doesn't seem too likely either.  If there's anybody out there who'd care to do some investigative journalism into obscure unfunny jokes, here's your chance.
In closing, here's the cover for the Mother Goose & Grimm calendar.

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