Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April is the Cruelest Month

There would normally be tidbits of Mr. Bean's amusing calendar entries here, but April apparently is the rare month that has NO commentary for any of the dates, not even the first one.  Not even an allegation for Poisson D'avril, which is characterized by placing a fish behind a random person's back.  (It's a French thing)  Mr. Bean would've used that kind of prank as an opportunity to have some fried fish for dinner... if he had any friends who'd try to play it off on him, and reaching around his back to hang a fish would be more trouble than it's worth.

The only holiday mentioned is the 23rd, St. George's Day, and that doesn't even get an allusion to Dragons.
A Village Tavern
Dean Wolstenholme, 1798-1883
I was all set to do some more entries of the April Fool's Comic Strip Switcheroo, but while doing some research, found that someone else had made a very comprehensive entry about those very comics, saving me some trouble, but not after I'd already gone through half of the online database.  Admittingly, the samples found at the Troubleshooting Comics link are of better quality than what I've found online.

One of the most prized images is the long-lost Zippy comics in the style of Fox Trot!

Despite their best efforts, there were a few missed comics, so all my efforts weren't entirely for naught.

I also found an alternative version of the Non Sequitur comic, compressed into a single panel, so a lot of detail from the crowded line is missing.  And by "missing", I mean cropped out entirely.

There were also inclusions of other comics that played April Fools without resorting to switching cartoonists, but for some reason, this one didn't make the cut.

It's hard to make out the details, but I think there's a bunch of hand tools in the cat's food bowl, which is why Kit is so freaked out.  As far as pranks go, this isn't particularly high up the cleverness scale, and closer to sadism.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the holiday, and happy Passover to those who don't.

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