Friday, February 24, 2012

Adam's Babysitting Endurance

Adam's next-door male chauvinist neighbour, Walter, continuously teased Adam for being a househusband, often in the form of outright mockery for doing activities that would otherwise be thought be only suitable for the "weaker sex". However, Adam was also had another miniture nemesis in the form of a woman named Alison who would drop off her baby while she went off to do some chores.

Adam would start out the day intending to do nothing but relax, and be constantly foiled by a little kid whose only impulse was to cry all day long once he was out of his mommy's reach. In future strips, Alison devised more elaborate ways to convince Adam to keep looking after her kid even when he had no desire to do so. This is the kind of trickery that rival brothers or sisters would resort to in order to tease their younger siblings.

At this point, it's clear that Alison's sadism is intentional. The woman doesn't even have to leave the room for her baby to start crying. To be fair, that open-mouthed position is the only way readers would even remember the kid in the first place. Quick question - without looking at the pictures, what is Joseph's hair colour? Chances are you couldn't even remember. That single-toothed black entrance is the most defining image of the baby.

Once baby Nick joined the household, Joseph dropped out of the picture, since it would be redundant to have two screaming kids.

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