Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Splendor

To update my last post, here’s two more American Splendor comics I was able to reread that I remember enjoying. The first is the only widescreen comic that’s on its side. It was about how Harvey was worried that he’d lost a check for a lot of money, visualizing all kinds of suicidal / self-inflicted wounds he’d punish himself with. He was only able to calm down when he did another search of his bag and found the missing check inside a newspaper.

The second story was where Harvey lost his glasses, and then likewise worked himself up in anxiety in trying to find them, even borrowing the car back to work on a slim chance, and forgetting to refuel for gas. Faced between the prospect of not having his glasses, and that his wife’s car might run out of gas, he sets out to solve his problems as best as he can. Particularly noteworthy is the scene where his wife phones Harvey to reassure him that she was able to get some gas on the way home.

These comics really speak to me, since I have a tendency to be extremely distressed about things I can’t control. What I’m most particularly impressed with is how Harvey handles his situations. He may deal with the problem in an inappropriate manner, but then will make up for his outburst by apologizing for his behaviour. It’s that kind of maturity in the face of disaster that really speaks to me.

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