Friday, April 1, 2016

April's Full of Secrets

Just a little explanationary exposition first: while April First is generally known for spouting outrageous lies ranging from Spaghetti Trees to "The Red-Haired girl is waiting at the door to give you a big kiss!", in French-speaking countries, the holiday is used to prank unsuspecting people by placing a paper fish behind their back, and proclaiming "Poisson D'avril!" (April Fish)  It's equivalent to putting a sign saying "Kick me", only smellier.
After that, the remaining April strips are an exercise in perplexity.
"Why do I always have to play in the outfield??"
I think this is supposed to be a reference to cornfield mazes.
"You're mistaken, there's shortcuts everywhere."
"That's what you think!!"
"You're fooled, little kitties!  The jug is empty!"
"How can they be so stupid?"
"Yew payin' yore tab?"
"No thanks!  I gave at the office."

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