Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Hamsters in the Walls

It was another normal night at the Newman household, when a seemingly benign proposal was made.

After much pleading and convincing, the Newman children eventually received an advance on their inheritance.

The kids were thrilled to have a new pet to play with, until they were suddenly faced with the harsh truth of reality.

Concessions were made, and the siblings enjoyed their adequate replacements, but couldn't help but immediately fall into barbed rivalry.

No sooner were their acquisitions acquired did the children lose their property again, and then deflected all blame onto the absent party. 
 Search parties looking for the missing pets were met with unfavorable results.
Further examination of the bodies revealed that they were decoys designed to throw the trackers off track, and were unhelpfully deployed by so-called benefactors wanting to be useful.

Empty mass graves were erected to placate the emotions of the grieving party, and to commemorate those who had died for so little.
With so much unwelcome failures, the head of the Newman household authoritatively decided to put a stop to the unproductive results of supply and demand.
With no more troublesome pets running around, the heads of the Newman household figured their troubles were over, but their days of terror had just begun.
The restless hamsters in the walls were implacable, and would not cease to rest until the dawn of the new morn.
Outside parties loathed the long-standing household for bringing back painful memories regarding flesh-searing pain.
Hours and minutes, days and nights began to blur together with no variation or indication of how much time had progressed between periods of awareness.
Restless nights without relief inevitably brought increasing methods of desperation, driving the home owner to previously unknown levels of insanity.
Knowing that there were hamsters in the walls was unbearable, but not knowing how long they would remain there was worse.
Attempts and traps were made to lure the animals out of hiding, only to have the elusive rodents relocate to another floor.
The horror was only multiplied when it was slowly revealed that the hamsters in the walls were reproducing as well, and the household owners were held responsible.
Unending days of burrowing sounds were temporarily relieved when the ceaseless noises abruptly... stopped.
With much reluctance, it was decided the internal conflict could be avoided no longer, and an abrupt hasty excavation was deemed necessary to relieve the unbearable tension.
After much exploration within the unusually vast caverns, eventually, an opening was found which reluctantly revealed the source of the maddening scratching.
The lasting impressions and traumatic experiences of the sole survivor hunched over countless bodies relayed a story that would be considered unbelievable.
EDIT - if you thought this was the end of this little escapade, there's still a brief epilogue of things yet to come...

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