Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Regifting December Gifts

Well, here it is.  The last of the calendar images for the year.

Dec. 21 - Winter begins - shortest day - Don't get up (Not worth it)

While browsing the dozens of online comic archives, I came across some familiar-looking comics, a rough duplicate of which can be seen below.

Something similar happened for this Mother Goose comic, once seen back in May.

Dec. 24 - Buy present.

Dec. 25 - Open present.

In closing, here's the back and interior pages for the Mother Goose calendar.

Oh, and lest we forget, the last of Mr. Bean's "artistic improvement".
In Snowy Weather
John Charles Maggs, 1819-1896
Next year will be something slightly different now that I've run out of comic calendars to use.  The only one left is Gary Patterson's office comics, and they're not particularly funny.  Some hints will be forthcoming if I get the chance to foreshadow them.

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