Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Archie OOC

In response to Archie's question, the answer is probably "Yes".
It's been almost a year since I posted some of my Archie comics to one of my favorite Tumblrs, Archie Out of Context.  However, I didn't want to place all my eggs in one basket too soon, and was curious to see if others might've chosen entries I would've found myself.  Of the numerous panels since then, there was only one which I ALMOST submitted, but didn't.  And I'm glad, since their choice was better than mine.
Three guesses what they're going to use him for, and the first two don't count.
Lately, their output has crawled to a trickle, and it's been over a month since their last contribution.  I figured either interest has dwindled or their well's run dry, and I might as well take the opportunity to pick up the slack to their impressive collection with several panels I didn't include the first time around.
Go ahead, encourage her.
You knew what you were getting yourself into.  Don't blame yourself.
If THAT'S what he considers torture, I shudder to think of what he considers
a gift to his friends.  Obviously the boy's priorities are sadly misplaced.
If you have to ask the question, you better prepare yourself for the answer.
They could be talking about anything here.  ANYTHING.
Input your own "stiff pole" and "weird oils" joke here.

Sometimes its amazing what's allowed in a typical Archie comic.
Remember kids, always disinfect your hands
 when borrowing stuff from a world-renowned playboy.
But it's not all double-entendre dirty jokes here.  One of the greatest guilty pleasures in these OOC panels is finding relationships other than the usual love triangle between the obvious parties of Archie / Betty / Veronica (and preferred slash pairings of the latter), that were never even considered in the first place.
Yes, that is Reggie standing up for Ethel, and he's fully aware of it.
Lest you think this is unusual for the world's biggest narcissist acting in defense of the town's ugliest girl, there were instances where Ethel dated Archie, such as in Issue #8 of Riverdale High and the infamous Al Hartley Christian comic.  More relevant links about Ethel can be found here.
No, Archie, don't go there!  Stick with the Harem girls!
Obviously, she's struck dumb by her rival's looks and grace.
It's the look of realization on her face that really sells it.


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