Friday, March 1, 2013

Marching in a Storm

Not much to say about this month's batch of comics, other than they have very little to do with the theme of March, save for the last one, and only tangentially.

Dear Diary... I sunk a tube of toothpaste and two hairpins in a fierce naval battle today.

While Garfield is well reputed for being a lethargic fat cat with realms of imaginative concepts throughout, this party concept is probably the laziest one that was thought up:

The 10 Minute Coffee Break Party

You can party anywhere, anytime!  Liven up those coffee breaks with your own miniparty.  Photocopy your face (or anything else) and decorate your work area!

This feels like something that was thought up at the last minute, with nothing else but a looming deadline, and office surroundings being the only inspirational reference material handy to provide content.  Fortunately, the remaining party months are more varied in themselves, so you can consider this a momentary lapse.

To make up for that glaring oversight, here's what I consider to be the second-funniest comic in the whole 1993 calendar, if we're going by visual gags.

Brace yourself - the funniest comic won't show up until November, so be prepared for a load of mediocrity until then.

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