Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Take That and That and That and That and...

You know how in DragonBall, the fighters would fire multiple energy shots at the enemy, only when after the dust clears, the opponent would be shown to be totally unaffected? It’s become a common staple in Shonen Manga / Anime to give a sense of how powerful the enemy was. John Byrne referred to this kind of thing as showing the power difference during his She-Hulk run. That’s where a usually strong hero gets pounded down when first meeting a new enemy to get a sense of how outmatched they are, before the hero finally bounces back and succeeds at defeating the enemy. To be fair, this happens to Spider-Man a lot too.

Well, a more interesting inversion of this would be someone who has dozens of energy shots fired at someone, only for that person to dodge them all? That’s the definition of shooter games where you generally have to avoid multiple bullets from the enemy ships, as well as dodging gunships, honking big laser beams and the boss transforming into something with more gun turrets that it was hiding just in case a tiny airplane with no means of refuelling its unlimited ammunition just happened to be pounding away at its defenses.


Of course, this would regulate the opponent as being a boring unhittable villain, or a One-hit point wonder. Of course, since this would be a Shonen trope anyways, they would still be able to stand up even if every bone in their body was shattered to dust and their heart was pumping pure acid. Just so long as they still have the desire to continue to fight for their lovers, friends and the will to live, despite all medical evidence that they should’ve died, oh say, 5 minutes ago. It certainly would’ve saved them from the pain of desperately flinging that last desperate punch that will surely(?) bring peace to the world for centuries to come. (Or at least until the next unstoppable force comes along to threaten everything again)

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  1. Ha Ha! Side Scroll shooting game, there are alway gazillions bullets,energy projectiles or whatever stuff are flying they throws at the player.The chance to avoid it are almost "nil".