Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shoe Slips a Mickey

It's been a long absence, and in light of my lack of updates, I figure it's high time we return to familiar territory.  That territory being Skyler's annual Summer Camp "Vacations"!

Chronologically, this takes place right after Skyler graduates.  So, Skyler decides to run off before Uncle Cosmo can plan a little trip on his behalf.  But if you've been following these Camp stories on a regular basis, you already know that no matter where Skyler goes, the mighty hand of destiny (and Government) will be impossible to escape.

Case in point.

Also, this storyline has the unique part of having the cutaways to Uncle Cosmo actually having some relevance.

It might be hard to believe, but there was a time when Disney wasn't the multi-corporate monster they are today.  Before the 1990s, they were struggling for relevancy, and were in danger of being bought out by the competition.  Things were so bad that Michael Eisner even asked at one point, "why they needed an animation division?"

So, if one could summarize up Skyler's current job opportunity, it has become...

...a real Mickey Mouse Operation.

You wouldn't think a comic printed 30 years ago would be more relevant today than it was back then, but we're obviously living in the silliest timeline.

I think a certain aquatic theme park might take copyright offense to that.

Wouldn't that be World War III?  Or are they worried there wouldn't be any repeat customers after? After all, franchise's third sequels have a notorious reputation of being overwhelmingly lousy.  (Toy Story 3 being a welcome exception.)

From this point on, all reference to Disney is swiftly forgotten and focuses solely on aircraft porn.

Next, we get to see something oftentimes seen on Uncle Cosmo's desk and only dramatized in Hot Fuzz: the exciting world of bureaucratic paperwork!

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