Friday, December 7, 2018

Guys and Gals

I've been rather remiss in posting new blog entries, partially because of real-life issues infringing on my free time, partially because of web-browsing to relieve some of the stress of said real-life issues, and partially because of writing future chapters of my WebNovel.  But the main instigator is the annoying Google protection device that forces me to identify myself just as I'm zooming in on a page that suddenly blanks out.

Having to constantly affirm my identity as NOT A ROBOT is extremely annoying.  But I still persevere, because there are some comic stories I recall that I want to see again.  And I recently found one of them.

Up until then, I had no idea that Guy was an actual name, and was a generic all around term.  It would be like being associated with John Smith.

Just like being one of the Girls.  After all, every Tom Dick and Harry is named Sally.

Isn't that just like a woman?  Taking someone else's cultural identity and rightfully claiming it as their own?  Pick your own term!  So we can complain about it later!

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  1. I have seen Sally Forth a few times on this site, and I am intrigued enough to want to check out the strips. The current arc is Ted visiting his mother's house and I found the arc to be quite fascinating. Thank you for introducing me to this strip.

    Thank you for reading.