Sunday, October 29, 2017

Forgotten Characters: Broomie's Girls

While doing research on the subject of my last post, I accidentally came upon some unintended interesting comics - well, interesting only to me, I guess.

Broom Hilda spends so much time with her mainly male friends and is generally so man-crazy that her range of acquaintance outside her limited field of interest would be rather narrow.  However, for a week, we got introduced to a trio of witches just as wretched as her.

You'd think that having some female friends who she'd be open to sharing her personal thoughts and secrets to someone who'd understand what it'd be like living hundreds of years without finding potential suiters, and not feel pressured to keep up the facade of her masculine attitude (which is her default setting).

Of course, this is still a broad comic written by a man, so any instances of feminine vulnerability is going to be misplaced.

Sadly, their presence is in the vein of a Sexy Lamp Test.  If you can replace a woman with a lamp, and the movie still works without their input, then it has failed in making female representation.  Only, in this instance, that sex appeal falls by the wayside for making ugly jokes.

Fun fact - this storyline actually started on Tuesday, and concluded on Monday, Halloween Night.

As we can see, these women appeared once in a rather forgettable holiday celebration, and then were never seen again.  So why did I bother posting this week of inconsequential events?  Simply because there were two Sunday comic that showed their reappearance, with a fourth member joining their ranks.  For years, I wondered who these complete strangers were, having had no context for their appearance.

You'd think the tall one was left out because she wouldn't have been able to fit in the smaller comic.  But if you look above, you'll see she was there.  The newest addition is actually the jowly man-faced one.  After that, the very next comic reduces their number to just three again, but eliminates the tall one completely.

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