Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ted Forth, Daredevil

Turns out that Adam's not the only Father figure who wanted to do some risky behavior in order to assert his manliness.  The Dad on Sally Forth entertained this concept for a week too.

Fun fact - this was in late September, almost six whole months after Adam's failed Bungee attempt.

The frustrating thing about Sally Forth comics is that there's so much talk about doing something, but there's hardly any actual progress or achievement made.  What happens in the expanse of a day hardly matters whether it occurred last week or last year.  There's hardly any reoccurring plots that stick or have any effect.  That may be why there aren't any memorable Sally Forth plots - it exists in a state of perpetually static status quo, only occasionally broken up with 6-stage lists of various reasons, rules and explanations of various subjects that're the basis for daily strips..

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