Monday, May 1, 2017

Appreciate Women Day

Ah, Spring.  The time when a Young Man's Fancy turns to... Sports.  What?? Girls?  Who's got time to pay attention to them?  Those balls aren't going to hit themselves, y'know.  What's that other saying?  April Showers bring... Mudders.  His Father was a Mudder.  His Mother was a Mudder.
Incidentally, a similar plant was sent over to Peter years ago.  They must use some special kind of fertilizer over there.
Strangely enough, the flower is Larger in the Daily than the Sunday comic.  As it turns out, in terms of talking about the fairer sex overseas, Peter doesn't dwell on the subject much.  Probably because as an example, he uses the Ancient model of Fertility Clay Statues, which appeals to a very very select few.  Well, more in the past, when a little meat on the bones was preferable to seeing your ribs, and a more modern society like his Ocean Pen-Pal would prefer The Cute Chick model.  In other words, No Fat Chicks.
That, or they're so advanced that they no longer have or need access to Women, thriving solely in a sterile Asexual society  For paying proper respect to Women, Wily falls closer in that vein.
In the throwaway panels in later installments, Wily goes into the invaluable and incalculable amount of devotion that can't possibly be paid back.  At least not in monetary units of value.

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