Monday, January 9, 2017

A Month in Orbit

Please excuse the lack of updates lately - I've been preoccupied with finding missing comics through Microfiche not available online.  And going through those archaic devices is quite time-consuming.  Since each reel contains up to ten days, I have to scroll through to my intended destination, which, depending on the date, is either near the beginning, or near the end.  Then, there's all the extra dailies and other eye-catching ads that may catch my eye as I pay rapt attention to the scrolling images to find the elusive comics page, and check for any extra comics worth saving.  Then, once I've actually found the relevant comics, I make screencaptures of the clearest images I can find, compare them with the ones I've got, and save the only copy worth preserving.  This process can take up to two hours just to get through at least four dates if I'm lucky.

But you're not interested in hearing about all that.  You're here to read some more adventures of a young alien boy and his friends.  From November 5 to December 8, 1985.

You can pretty much expect a lot of final panels resulting in Tyrone falling face down into the dirt.

See what I mean??

One of the perceived disadvantages of comics is that it's considered a silent medium.  In this case, that'd be considered a blessing, saving you wrist action reaching for the Mute option.

Taking time out from this disturbance of Royal domestic affairs via an accidental sneeze, we see what Dr. Valvlock's up to, wandering the planet's surface, looking for dubious repair supplies.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled international incident.

When Tyrone's not falling flat on his face, he's running straight into solid objects.  At this rate, it's surprising his face doesn't more resemble a pug's.  But then, he shares the traits typical of a bulldog, a flat-faced dog breed, so who knows?

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