Saturday, December 31, 2016

Yee Tee Vee

To round out the year, and have some variance between updates, here's a quick update for a label tab that I never expected to have more than one entry for: the missing strip of the YTV advertising adventures, staring Dash & Jade.

Recently, I've taken the task of filling in the missing pieces of my collection by browsing the relevant dates available on Microfiche.  Not the online databases, but the physical copies at libraries.  Going through these archaic devices isn't exactly easy, since there's an elaborate setup system, and going through a spool takes time, since the plastic takes a good while before I can find the material I'm looking for.  Then, once I'm finished, I have to wait while rewinding it back to its previous state.  So far, it takes me a good two hours just to go through at least four dates.  If I didn't know exactly where to look, it'd probably take me even longer.

The only fault is that sometimes the quality isn't as good as it could be,and some of the writing can be a little unclear and hard to make out.  For instance, the large swatches of indecipherable scratchy writing is supposed to be Mr. Devlin laughing.  Here's an inverted into blue version of the above for easier reading.

Now that I've got the whole story, I now notice what wasn't obvious to me before - they never once confront or run into any of the characters of these shows - just their props.  Neat way of dodging the
whole headache of being consistent with different art styles, and copyright infringement.  You can have the presence of a flying Police Box and Ninja Weapons spoken alongside the titles, without overtly referencing who uses these things in the first place.  Just the presence of these items is enough to indulge in fantasy roleplaying, which is pretty much what they're doing here anyways.

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