Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weird Romance Sequel

A quick follow-up to last year's post between Linus and Lydia.

Since then, there's been several more Fantagraphics Peanuts collections, and they're currently catching up to the less-than-stellar declining years.  Lydia doesn't show up at all in 1989, but makes a brief comeback in 1990.

My personal colour copy, just for completeness.

I've only got scans from the library copies up to 1994, so there's not much past that date, since they're constantly taken out when I come, and I haven't bothered to reserve them.

The only (and best part) continuing storyline is where Lydia drops unsubtle hints on wanting a music box for a present.

Obviously, Lydia is quite a material girl, seeking status through possessions.

I may not have any extra Peanuts books, but by sheer chance, I happened upon a rare Lydia strip while browsing my collection of international newspaper comics in Ontario, and came across this beauty.

There's just no pleasing some people.

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