Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tabulary February

This title makes more sense if you take a look at the calendar, and see how organized this month is.  Being the shortest month, (with the possible exception of Leap Year) there's plenty of chances for Calendar companies to save some valuable space on their pages for printing.  Less so, if you're using the British system.  If so, you're out of luck this year.

February 11 - Shrove Tuesday: Eggs, check! Flour, check! Milk, check!

As a way of explanation, Shrove Tuesday is better known as Pancake Day, hence the need for ingredients.  The conversion to text also loses something in the conversion, since there were originally checkmarks in the original.
The Look-out Point.  Pierre Outin, 1839-1899
February 12 - Ash Wednesday: Clean grate (if time)

February 14 - St. Valentine's Day: Expect no post today.

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