Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maybe in your Favor

This is their version of "The Hunger Games"

It's the start of the month of May, and you all know what that means - the new year's already 1/3 through.  It also means that it's time for another round of smattering Garfield material!  Joy.

Upon first viewing, this Garfield comic wouldn't seem that out of place from any other regular Sunday strip, save for that Garfield entices Jon to join his antics, which was something he occasionally succeeded in doing in past comics.  However, upon closer inspection, this is actually lifted off from an old For Better or for Worse Sunday comic

Next up is what's possibly the cheapest party second only to the 10-Minute Office Break Party.  At least there, you have the chance of having office supplements to snack on.  To me, the only reason to go to a party is for the food.  The guests are incendiary, and are just obstacles in your path to the buffet line.  Otherwise, why would you bother coming?  Surely it's not for the social status, right?  Right??

Mime Party

Have your guests come as mimes and pretend to have a party.  While your friends are pretending to have a good time think of all the money you are saving on drinks and food!

As an aside, I've never quite grasped the loathing that's portrayed towards mimes, having grown up with the pantomime of The Pink Panther and Mr. Bean.  But then, those are exceptional examples who've excelled in their roles.  Perhaps it comes from the lack of talent of street performers using minimalism to an extreme degree.
Dear Diary... Today, I composed myself.

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