Friday, April 12, 2013

This Pen is Damned!

At the end of Joe Ollmann's collection of short stories This Will All End in Tears, along with the annotations was a note about the kind of pen that he used to draw these comics.  Normally, this in-depth background description of pen models would be nothing short of boring, appealing only to artists and their ilk, but somehow, he managed to make it sound interesting.

However, this wry dry description was nowhere near as humourous or interesting as the longer short story (now there's an oxymoron) he did for the horror anthology Monster Island 3.

I've been hoping that after he published his newest book Mid-Life, there would be another collection of his short stories that he'd done for various books and magazines, but so far, one hasn't been forthcoming.  In light of that oversight, here's the story in its entirety free of any commentary.  Needless to say, the title alone should provide some very interesting search results.

More after the cut, due to bad language.

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