Monday, November 21, 2011

Whose Maus are You?

(With apologies to Art Spiegelman, Jose Aruego and Robert Kraus)

Whose Maus are you?

Where is your mother?

Where is your father?

Where is your wife?

Where is your brother?

What will you do?

Shake my mother out of the cask!

Free my father from the 'cause!

Find my wifey and bring her home.

Wish I had a brother so I could beat him some.

Now whose Maus are you?

My mother's Maus, she loves me so.

My father's Maus, he was a beau.

My wifey's Maus, she loves me too.

My brother's Maus...

Your brother's Maus?

My brother's Maus - he's brand new!

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