Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where it Stops, Only Yo-yo Knows

In Israel, there was a competition using a 100-metre crane to do the world's record attempt for using the longest yo-yo. As childish as it is, this is trickier than it sounds. You've got to take in consideration the falling speed added with the friction of the string spooling out, and then time it perfectly upon rebound before it reaches the end so it'll bound back up the pole. If you miss it on its return trip, you've got to wait for it to do another round trip all over again, which will take awhile, and bug the next yo-yo guy in line from getting their turn. I'm sure there's some math out there to figure out how long it'd take, but I'm too lazy to do it right now.

There's no reason to talk about this piece of trivia other than use it as an excuse to show this comic that I instantly thought of when I saw the news:

This is the kind of thing that well-reputed blogger and yo-yo enthusiast Shawn Fumo would've liked.

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